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Launch of the Island School Spirit Fund


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Island School is recognized worldwide for its unique and innovative curriculum. A key part of this is the way we involve students in authentic interaction with all walks of professional life in Hong Kong. They engage with local architects, bankers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists and a wide variety of other professionals. They submit works to competitions, invite practitioners into school or interview them at their places of work. All of these enriching experiences involve trips, visits and research away from school, or bringing these experts into school.howtodonatev3

Such activities, programs and trips are important components of the transformational education that the school strives to provide for its students.  Every year we aim to engage our students in experiences that expand their horizons.

Current educational practice calls for ever increasing creative means to deliver our curriculum. These methods approach teaching and learning from the viewpoint that students need to interact and engage with the world around them. Students are researching, acquiring and retaining skills and knowledge, and seeing their relevance as applied in the real world. This current, unprecedented variety of courses and activities allows students to steer their paths towards discovering and developing their own personal strengths and goals.

Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.  Plato

The need for resources to sustain this practice cannot be underestimated. Education is one enterprise where the income that is derived from tuition does not meet the resource requirements to provide the service. There is an inherent need for philanthropy in education; an aspect that sits upon the premise that an educated society is a benefit not only to the students but also to all those living in that society.

Education is more than a luxury; it is a responsibility that society owes to itself.  Robin Cook

The Case for the Island School Spirit Fund
For independent school systems, like the ESF schools, we must rely upon the philanthropic nature of our communities to support any enhancements to the education provided to our students and to ensure that all of the possibilities are available to all of the students. To address our needs, we would like to introduce the Island School (IS) Spirit fund, our annual fund initiative designed to support Island School’s curriculum areas through resources donated by our community. The IS Spirit Fund, with a target of raising HK$5M, will provide essential revenue for the expansion of educational programmes at the school, focusing on our key priorities. For this inaugural academic year our funding priorities include out of classroom program support; engagement with visiting professionals and practitioners; and, support for all students to have equal access to a host of educational opportunities.

The IS Spirit Fund is comprised of unrestricted and designated gifts in support of these educational opportunities, as donated by Alumni, Parents, Grandparents, Parents of Alumni and Friends to the school.  We are glad to share that we have already secured several jumpstart donations, but we need your help and participation. Can we count on your gift today?

Your gift will help Years 7 & 8’s transition into secondary school with an enhanced induction programme, exciting learning platforms and programmes. It will help Years 9-13 discover and explore their interests, engaging in transformative educational settings in Hong Kong and around Asia. Your gift will help all years as we provide more targeted and in-depth professional development for our teaching staff.

The IS Spirit Fund will be managed by the Island School Trust, whose trustees consist of parents, alumni, school councillors and members of staff. The Trust has always supported Island School graduates with serious financial hardship in their first year at university. For 10 years now, the Trust has enabled Islanders to make the most of their education by going to the University of their choice, when financial circumstances in their families would make this impossible. Part of the IS Spirit Fund will help maintain this tradition.

Island School needs your help to achieve excellence in transformative education right now. Please consider a gift to the IS Spirit Fund today, as our students reach for all of tomorrow’s hopes, dreams and goals.

Thank you for your support of the IS Spirit Fund.

Best Regards,

Chris Binge

Principal, Island school

Click here to see a brochure about the Spirit Fund which includes students talking about their love for learning.

Spirit Fund Final 04-05

Please email with any questions you might have about the Spirit Fund.


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