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Talking about Sex – Informing and Protecting


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Dear Parents

Focus Evening for Parents of Year 9 Students

Talking about Sex – Informing and Protecting

6.00-7.30pm Wednesday 24th February; Island School Hall

Getting our relationships right is instrumental to our happiness. When relationships become physically intimate, it is equally important, if not more so, to get things right. In school and at home we devote much time to supporting young people in tackling projects, preparing for exams and managing workloads. Relationships are also frequently discussed, but what about sex? To what extent do we as adults see it as our responsibility to talk with our children – to prepare them – for the sexual relationships they will have; in some cases, sooner rather than later?

Conversations about sex aren’t the easiest but it doesn’t mean we should avoid them. You will be aware that earlier this term Year 9 students attended a focus day, during which time they explored physical and emotional changes and ideas around safety and responsibility in relationships. This has been supported by ongoing discussion and guidance in Tutor Groups.

To compliment the work we are doing with students, we invite you to join us for a Parent Focus Evening on Wednesday 24th February. During the evening we will share with you some of the approaches we use within the Year 9 Sex and Relationships programme. In addition, Dr. Mark Gandolfi (St John’s Counselling Services) will present on the topic: Talking about Sex – Informing and Protecting.

We do hope you will join us!

If you are able to attend, please confirm by email to

Yours sincerely

Jenny Hodson

Vice Principal (Guidance)

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