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Confirmed Student Choices for Quest Week 2016


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Dear Parents,
As you are aware the sign up process for Quest Week 2016 is now complete.

Attached to this email is a document with the choice that your child(ren) has opted for and been accepted on. Please note that the list is in House and Year Group order.

Please may I ask you to look through the document to check that the option your child is registered on is approved by you. If you are in agreement then no further action is required at this point.

Click here to see a copy of the confirmed Quest Week student choices

If the column for ‘Trip/Option’ is highlighted in yellow then your child did not make a selection during the sign up period. Please help us to discuss the Quest Week options with your child and email us with their choice. You will receive a return email to confirm their place if there is still space on that option. Your child has also been emailed asking them to make a selection, the email includes a list of options with spaces still available.

If you know that your child is leaving and so will not be taking part in Quest Week in November, please let us know.

If you have any queries or are not happy with your child’s selected option then please email myself and Mr Bailey.

Kind Regards

Derek Bailey Teacher of PE and Quest Week Coordinator and Sasha James, Activities Coordinator.



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