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Key Dates for Year 12 Students 2016


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Dear Parents

There are a number of key events coming up for the Year 12 students.  On top of the general dates listed below students may well have Internal Assessments for their IB subjects and end of unit deadlines for BTEC course work.  It is a busy time of year for them and it is essential that they are all as organised as possible.  It is also important that they look after their own wellbeing in this time.  They should try to find time to exercise, sleep properly and work smartly.

23-27 May – Assessment week for Year 12 students – Students will follow the timetable as given to them by the examination office

8 and 10 June – Year 12 Tutor for Learning – Appointments will be made for students and their parents closer to the time

14 and 15 June – TOK Presentations

19 August – Extended Essay First Draft Deadline

Predicted Grades

The Predicted Grades for IB and BTEC courses will be generated over the next few months.  Teachers will come up with a provisional predicted grade in early June in time for the Tutor for Learning Sessions.  These grades are then finalised on the 5th October in Year 13.

For information on how Predicted Grades are made please go to the HE website here.

We understand the importance of predicted grades for their next step in education. We have many years of experience and we have a reputation for getting them right which is trusted by universities and colleges all round the world. We realise the dangers of predicting too low which may give less of an impression of our students than they deserve, so we always tend to give the benefit of any doubt. We also realise the dangers of predicting too high. This can easily end up with them being required to achieve a grade that is realistically beyond their performance. This can seriously damage their hopes of getting in to the university they want to, or create a bad impression if they arrive at a college having underperformed in their eyes.

Kind Regards

Matt Rappel

Vice Principal


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