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2014-15 Calendar


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Y11 Mock Exam Timetable

Dear Y11 Parents and Students

UPDATE: Start times of exams on Jan 6th changed. Please check the timetable.

Year 11 mock exams will take place in mid-December and first week of January. Please find the attached FINAL exam timetable for your reference. It is also downloadable from ISLE and Gateway.
Please note that there are some minor changes on venues and timings.
Please be aware that the exam period is breaking up for Christmas/New Year’s holiday and will resume upon recommencement in January. Year 11 Students should pay special attention that you are ONLY allowed to be away from school on the study leave dates mentioned in the timetable. 
Students with access arrangements  a parent letter with more info will be ready next week for pick up. Please watch out for a separate email.
Should you have any further questions, please contact the Exam Office.
Trudy Lant
Vice Principal
Johnny Wong
Examination and Data Manager

Bad Weather Arrangements for Public Exams

Please see link document below for your reference. Postponement of exams will be announced on the website. For questions/concerns, you may email Johnny Wong at

1.0BAD WEATHER DURING EXAMINATIONS – School Website Announcement

Year 11 Public Exam Briefing

Dear Year 11 Parents

Please see below the presentation of the public exam briefing with Y11s delivered on Mar 14th. We strongly encourage parents to read this through to familiarize yourself with the procedures and conduct for the upcoming exam series.

GCSE-IGCSE Exams Student Briefing 2016

Should you have any questions please contact the Exam Office.

Thanks and Regards,

Johnny Wong

Examination and Data Manager

IGCSE/GCSE Exams May/June 2015 – Important Notice

Dear Students and Parents

Please find the following important updates on the upcoming exams for your attention:

Letter to Parents – Invoice and Access Arrangements

The letters to all parents for the exam billing will be sent out during the week of 9th March. Please issue the cheque, payable to ‘Island School’, with the amount mentioned in the letters and return to the exam office by 27th March. Candidates who fail to settle the exam payments may not be admitted to the exams.

For candidates with access arrangements, parents will receive a separate letter attached with a complete schedule of special exam times and dates applied.

Letter to Parents – Exam Clashes and Agreement on Confidentiality

Additional letters will be sent out alongside the billing letter to students who are affected by exam clashes. Further details will be provided on the letter on the rescheduling arrangements.

Moreover. candidates taking the following subjects will be affected by time variation policies of Edexcel examination board:

GCSE Religious Studies, GCSE Geography, IGCSE History, IGCSE Pure Maths, GCSE Business Studies, GCSE Japanese

Edexcel examination board requires that all candidates sign a confidentiality statement to maintain the security of the content of the exams listed above. The form will be attached in the letter and they must be returned by 27th March (Fri).

ICT Diploma Billing Letters

There will be one additional letter especially for Y11 parents for ICT IEA Diploma payments. Deadline is also Mar 27th Friday.

Public Exam Final Timetable

The final version will be published on ISLE, Gateway and Parent Portal on Mar 6th this Friday. A separate version with access arrangements will be published at a later date.

Exam Briefing

A dedicated Exam Briefing for Y11 students will be held during Lesson 3 on Monday 16th March. We will walk the students through the expectations, exam procedures and regulations, as well as checking their individual entries and timetables.

Please feel free to contact the exam office if you have any further questions.


Johnny Wong

Examinations Manager

IGCSE-GCSE Subject List 2016 (Updated as of 17 March 2015)

Dear Parents
Please find the attached IGCSE/GCSE subject list for your reference. This version is for students sitting in summer 2016. 
Update on 20th August 2015.
For any further information please contact the Exam office.
Johnny Wong
Examinations Manager