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2014-15 Calendar


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Public Exams 2017 – PROVISIONAL Timetable

Dear parents and students

Please find below the PROVISIONAL timetable for the upcoming public exam series during summer. Its final version will be released in early March.

Exam timings and venues are subject to change due to clashes with school events.

Island School – IGCSE-GCSE Subject List 2018

Dear Parents

Please find the attached IGCSE/GCSE subject list for your reference. This information is designated to students sitting in summer 2018. 

For any further information please contact the Exam office.

Johnny Wong

Examination and Data Manager

Year 12 ALIS Computer Test 2014

Dear Year 12 Parents

Hope this message finds you all well.

Our Y12 students will be taking our annual ALIS examination on Monday, 22 September, Lesson 1. Students are expected to be at the hall by 8:05 am. This test will provide us with further information about our students’ progress, to evaluate how our results might look like in the future, to compare our current professional understanding with more formal data and, importantly, how to support specific students. This is all part of our Island School commitment to constantly review our performance and provide you all with the best scenarios for your children to achieve.

Kind regards

Mrs. Monica Gilbert-Saez

Vice Principal

IE Award – ICT Diploma – Results

Dear Year 12 parents
The certificates of the IE Award (ICT Diploma) will be distributed to students in October alongside the other GCSE/IGCSE certificates. If they want to check the results now, please send them to our office.
We will let students know when the certificates are ready to pick up by mass emails.
Thanks and Regards,

Johnny Wong | Examination and Data Manager

Examination Fees and Billing 2014-15

Dear Parents,

Our students will be taking IGCSE/GCSE exams and Diploma in Applied ICT Award when they are in Year 10 or 11 and IB exams in Year 13. We consider the combination of these qualifications to be an important part of the experiences we offer our students from Years 10 to Year 13. 

The IGCSE/GCSE Exams will be finally taken in Year 11 although some students might take examinations in Year 10 and exam fee invoice will be sent around March of Year 11.

The curriculum of Diploma in Applied ICT will be taught throughout Year 11. Fee invoice will be sent to parents around the middle of first term.

IB written exams will be taken in May 2015 and registration / exam fee invoices will be sent to parents around November/December 2014.

We feel it is important to let parents understand at this point what financial costs are expected from Years 10 to 13.

The cost of the exam fees are approximately to be:

ICT — around HK$850

GCSE/IGCSE — **around HK$7,000

IB — around HK$7,500

BTEC registration fee — around HK$3,000/course

** Individual GCSE/IGCSE vary in cost depending on the subject. The costs of each subject are determined by the examination boards and reflect factors such as visiting moderator costs.


Yours faithfully,

Monica Gilbert-Saez

Vice Principal  


Johnny Wong

Examinations Manager