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Gateway Information Update for Quest Week 2016

Dear Parents,
Quest Week is fast approaching and the Trip Leaders are in the final process of organising the final details, one of which is the collation of the students medical, dietary and emergency contact details.
Please be aware that this information will be taken directly from the Gateway. For this reason it is essential that the information on your child(ren) is fully up to date and accurate. Please also note that it is of utmost importance to provide two different emergency contacts within Hong Kong.
If your emergency contact details will be different to the information on the Gateway during the Quest Week period then please ensure you email both Sasha James and the trip leader with this information prior to the start of Quest Week.
All updates, if necessary,  must be made by Wednesday 19th October 2016 in order to give sufficient time for the trip leaders to collate this information. Please be reminded that if your child has an allergy to a food type then this information should also be entered into the dietary section as well.
You will also be receiving an E-notice shortly which you will be required to respond to in order to verify that you the information on the Gateway for your child(ren) is up to date and relevant.
Should there be any changes required to the Gateway for your child(ren) after the 19th October regarding medical, dietary or any other relevant information please make certain that myself and the Trip Leader are aware that the Gateway has been updated and with what.
Many thanks in advance for your co-operation.
Kind regards,
Sasha James

Year 7 Camp Info for Parents 2016

Y11 Mock Exam Timetable

Dear Y11 Parents and Students,

Year 11 mock exams will take place in mid-December and first week of January. Please find the attached provisional exam timetable for your reference. It is also downloadable from ISLE and Gateway.

Year 11 Provisional Mock Exam Timetable

Please be aware that the exam period is breaking up for Christmas/New Year’s holiday and will resume upon recommencement in January. Y11 Students should pay special attention that you are ONLY allowed to be away from school on the study leave dates mentioned in the timetable. 

Its final version will be released after mid-term.

Should you have any further questions, please contact the Exam Office.


Trudy Lant

Vice Principal


Johnny Wong

Examination and Data Manager



Year 7 Humanities Trips Wednesday 21st September and Thursday 29th September

Dear Parents

There are two dates when Year 7 Humanities student will be visiting an outlying Island. The table below shows the teacher, dates and location of your child’s trip.

Wednesday 21st September Thursday 29th September
Mrs Peters’ class – Cheung Chau Mr Benthams’ class – Peng Chau
Mr Williams’ class – Peng Chau Mrs Weathingtons’ class – Cheung Chau
Mr Jays’ class – Cheung Chau Mrs Campbells’ class – Lamma
Mr Sims’ class – Lamma Island Mrs Clarkes’ class – Cheung Chau
Mrs Woods’ class – Cheung Chau

Your child will know who their Humanities teacher is.

The trip is designed to support student learning in investigating historical and geographical change and the tourist attractions of one of Hong Kong’s outlying islands.

On the day of the trip, students should come to school dressed in House colours.  Students will register in their form room as normal and then assemble on the block 5 playground at 8.05 am, where their Humanities teacher will brief them for the day’s activities. We would ask that all students come to school as normal on that day.

A bus will take students down to the ferry pier in Central, where we will take a public ferry to the outlying island. Students should have an Octopus card in order to pay for the ferry. Please ensure that students have at least $50 value on their Octopus cards.  Students will need a packed lunch, at least 1.5 litres of drinking water, a digital camera/smartphone to take pictures, sun cream, a sun hat as well as a raincoat/umbrella (in case of wet weather). Students may want to bring a small amount of spending money to purchase supplementary refreshments.

Students will return to Hong Kong Island by ferry and it is expected that we will return to the Central Ferry pier 4 at 3pm where students will either make their own way home, be picked up by a parent/guardian or return to school by bus arriving back at approximately 3.30pm. Please note that the return to school will be after the school buses have departed.

Trip 21st Sep – Please complete this reply form before the 9th September to indicate where you would like your son/daughter to be dismissed after the trip.

Trip 29th Sep Please complete the parental reply form  before the 9th September to indicate where you would like your son/daughter to be dismissed after the trip.


A copy of this letter will also be email to you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Bentham, Head of Humanities, Island School

Year 9 Geography Trip to Shek O 22 Sep 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I would like to inform you about details of the upcoming Year 9 Geography physical geography  half day trip to Shek O on the 22nd September 2016. On the day of their trip all students will come to school as normal and attend periods 1 and 2. At 10.45am students should assemble at the main entrance/car park in their geography classes will be registered, after which we will travel by bus to Shek O.

The purpose of the trip is for students to investigate the coastal landscape of Shek O as part of their Year 9 physical geography course. Students will be working in groups to follow a coastal trail and to engage in various fieldwork activities related to coastal landforms and processes. Students should bring a packed lunch and at least 1.5 litres of drinking water, clipboard, pen and paper, a sun hat and sunscreen/wet weather protection, a camera/smartphone will also be useful, students should wear House PE kit.

I would also request that you complete this PARENTAL REPLY FORM  to indicate what you would like your son or daughter to do at the end of the trip in terms of drop off points- please can you complete this before the 9th September. We will leave Shek O at 2.20 pm and will drop off at Admiralty MTR and Central ferry pier number 3 at around 3.00-3.10pm. with some buses returning to school. Please note that students may not be in time to take the normal end of school buses at school.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions about the trip.

Yours sincerely,

Howard Davis

Teacher i/c GeographyIsland School